Calo Carratalá is a contemporary Spanish artist, based in Valencia, specializing in landscape painting. He trained at the Fine Arts in Valencia and the Spanish academy in Rome. Calo Carratalá has been exhibiting his artwork for thirty years all over Europe, predominantly in Spain.

With a passion for traveling, Calo Carratalá has taken in myriad landscapes : from the Amazon to Colorado, the Alps and the Pyrenees and up to the forests of Norway. Armed with sketchbook the artist immortalizes the sensations he obtains from these panoramas, he notes the colours, the size of the elements, his emotions and then puts it all together once back in his studio.

Similar to the artists from the romantic period, the type of nature that Calo Carratalá paints is both troubling, even worrying, and really grand inciting admiration and contemplation. Calo Carratalá shows us monumental jagged mountains enveloped in stormy skies, the snowy peaks, the frozen forests of Norway or rich and abundant forests of the Amazon where everything melds into one great green mass, almost black, dense and foreboding.