Special Gourmet, Kitchen, Furniture & Body products in MORAIRA

KITCHEN: The taste experience is an important element when cooking. Therefore, we at Nicolas Vahé have created new stylish and easy bags containing delicate pasta – pasta that will provide your favourite pasta dishes with a new touch. Read more here where we will tell you about the different variants.

BODY PRODUCTS: When choosing skin care products from Meraki’s basis series, you get a product with effective and nourishing ingredients. At Meraki, we embrace products that are good for both body and the environment and therefore, we have made our basis series organically certified. Read more about organic certified products right here.

FURNITURE: Your home is your sanctuary from the outside world and a space for living. Keep the décor simple without compromising on beauty and let few items that you truly cherish speak for themselves. Embrace simplicity in your home with tone-in-tone colours, materials like metal and concrete and sculptural beauty.